Orange Tree Yoga Retreat Policy Statement

The aim of yoga is to bring harmony to body mind and spirit.  Through the practice of yoga, this embodiment of balance to the individual affects the way that we relate to ourselves and in turn, how we interact with each other.  Therefore, the practice of yoga directly influences our communities and our environment as we begin to evolve through our own self-development.

The aim of Orange Tree Yoga has always been and will always be to share the phenomenon of the art of yoga in the Iyengar tradition with others, to bring harmony into people’s lives, to give time for reflection, renewal of positive energies and to balance our work-life ratio.  Rachel is determined to share her knowledge of yoga, the impact that it can have on people’s lives, not just from an individual perspective but also taking the gifts of yoga into the community that we interact with.

With the retreats, we also, through working with a specially chosen team of caterers, therapists and hospitality staff, commit ourselves to promoting ethical practices in the workplace and in the wider community. By basing herself in one place for the retreats, Rachel is able, year by year, to build on her local knowledge, build her connections with the community both economically providing regular income for others but also providing guests with an insight into the “real” Algarve and promoting the Portuguese way of life so that visitors leave Portugal at the end of their stay with a real understanding of the area they have visited.