Return to Pune

We’ve arrived. It was an epic journey for me – Los Angeles to London on the night flight to rendezvous with my sister Hannah, then a 7 hour wait (which passed in no time, airports are anything but boring places to people watch!) before boarding the next flight to Mumbai, then pick up from our lovely driver, Taj, from Roots and Wings Travel and a journey of around 3 hours, expertly driven through the streets of Mumbai and on to Pune, right to our apartment in Model Colony.

Taj was one of the best drivers I’ve ever encountered in India, very calm and steady and barefoot, he managed to patiently find the best ways to weave in and out of the traffic which consisted of vehicles, motorised or not, of every conceivable type. I was so excited to be back in India again I thought I would be wide awake the whole way, it’s a visual feast, but after just 30 minutes I was fast asleep in the back of the car, and when I woke we were already in the outskirts of Pune. I glanced out the front window and saw that Taj was driving on the wrong side of the road into oncoming traffic but by this time, I was so relaxed that this minor detail didn’t faze me and he calmly meandered back onto the left, just in time, having over taken the slow rickshaw that was hindering his otherwise smooth transit.

And so, we are here! It feels so familiar and yet worlds away from Los Angeles or Portugal. We have rented a lovely apartment only 5 minutes walk from the yoga Institute, RIMYI, which is closed until tomorrow so we will register then and take our first class for the month long intensive. For now, it’s time to get some sleep, if that is possible with all the fireworks for Diwali going on around us. There is a happy and celebratory atmosphere with many houses and balconies decorated in lights and streamers. So wishing everyone a Happy Diwali! Or as they say around here (forgive any misquote): Diwalichya hardik shubhechha