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UK & Ireland Events with Rachel Lovegrove

Rachel hosts a variety of events in the UK and Ireland. Check out the confirmed dates below and join the mailing list for updates, offers and additions to the calendar, plus be the first to hear of new events.


15TH SEPTEMBER – 11am to 1.30pm – UNDERSTANDING PROPS WITH HANNAH AND RACHEL LOVEGROVE – St denys boat club, priory avenue, st denys, southampton

Following on from their popular series of articles commissioned by Yogamatters, Hannah and Rachel are hosting 2 workshops this year  for yoga students who want to learn more about yoga props: their purpose, when and how to use them effectively.  Suitable for teachers, trainees and serious students of all yoga styles, this workshop will give deeper understanding of the principles behind the use of props and the specific functions of each one.  There is a great deal to learn, so bring a notebook! This is the second of the two workshops, the first one is in July at Jordan’s Courtyard in Illminster on the 28th July.

  • 11am to 1pm – A 2 hour practice using the props – a practical session of asana work taking you through a variety of poses using props, showing how to both depend and enhance the effects of the asana and to help those who struggle with certain poses.
  • 1-1.30pm Q&A with tea and snacks – a 30 minute question and answer session for specific queries about prop usage, how to help students whether in class or in your own home practice.

YOGA WEEKEND IRELAND – Kilmore Quay, Co. Wexford, Ireland
25th to 27th October

All Levels Weekend Workshop at this fabulous, historic, coastal location in the beautiful county of Wexford, Ireland. Visit the Eventbrite Page here for more information and bookings or visit the Ireland page on this site for more info.

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