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Online Class Feedback: “Thanks for today Rachel – just wanted to say it was such a great class! I was thinking that even with zoom how precise and exact your instructions are!” “You are single handedly keeping me sane! I loved this mornings class.” “I love my online classes, feel like they’re bringing me back to life.”


Due to the current situation, all classes are now online via Zoom. There is a full timetable of classes to suit all levels and we will begin at the studio again as soon as restrictions are lifted.

Please see below to book or contact Rachel directly on +44 7725120043 [email protected] for more information and to register your interest for further updates.

Weekly Group Classes  

Normally, the weekly classes are hosted at Koru Bodyworks, Botley Mills, Botley. The studio is FULLY EQUIPPED but you may bring your own yoga mat if you prefer.

The group size for studio classes is limited to a maximum of 9 in each class, so we do ask you to book in advance. Costs are £9 per studio class except for the monthly “special” sessions such as Restorative Fridays, Level 2 Saturdays and Teachers/Level 3 Sundays which are from £12 per session (£15 for the Sunday Teachers Class) and Kids Yoga which is booked as a private session and the cost shared between all partiipants.

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“Rachel is a gem of a teacher, I have had the honour and pleasure of receiving private sessions and group sessions from her. She is dedicated and extremely knowledgeable and passionate about Iyengar Yoga. Through the sessions I have experienced better understanding of my physical body and how to better align myself and learnt many more spiritual aspects for my personal practice.” Daisy

Current Timetable of Weekly Classes

Hampshire Yoga Classes Timetable

Mondays 10.45 to 11.45amImprovers Level 2Currently Online £7
Mondays 2pm to 3pmFoundation Level 1 & Yoga GentlyCurrently Online £7
Tuesdays 8am to 8.45amPranayama Level 1 BeginnersCurrently Online £3
Wednesdays 7.15am to 8.15amEarly Bird Class Improvers Level 2Currently Online £7
Wednesdays 12.30pm to 1.15pmFoundation Level 1/Beginners Level Currently Online £5
Thursdays 9.15am to 10amPranayama Level 2 IntermediateCurrently Online £3
Thursdays 6.15pm to 7.15pmAll Levels ClassCurrently Online £7
Thursdays 7.30pm to 8.20pmRestorative SessionCurrently Online £4
Fridays 7.45am to 8.30amSun Salutations - Jumpings and Vinyasa SequencesCurrently Online £5
Fridays 6.30pm to 8.30pmMONTHLY: Recuperative Session (not for beginners)Currently Online £8.50
Saturdays 9am to 10.30amIntermediate Level ClassCurrently Online £8.50
Sundays 10.15am to 12.15pmMONTHLY: Teachers/Trainees ClassCurrently Online £8.50
Private Classes - IndividualAll LevelsCurrently Online £35
Private Classes - Couples, Family GroupAll LevelsCurrently Online £45

Class Level Descriptions

Children’s Yoga Classes

These sessions are for parents to organise a session between them and up to 8 children. Session times are Mondays or Fridays after school and Saturdays or Sundays before 2pm. Sessions cost £45 for approx one hour and you share the cost between you. Click here for the special booking link:

Foundation Level 1/Yoga Gently (Mondays 2pm, Sundays Wake up and Stretch Class)

All ages and abilities. New starters welcome. Foundation Level 1 is suitable for those who are brand new to yoga and who have no previous experience.  Yoga Gently is aimed at those more mature starters or those lacking mobility who need a slower program. Classes will be carefully tailored to suit everyone’s individual ability. You may also attend this class if you are pregnant.

Improvers Level 2 (Mondays 10.45, Thursdays 6.30pm, Monthly Saturday class)

Level 2 is suitable for those who are already practicing yoga for some months and are ready to take their practice a little further. New beginners can join if there is no other class available but the monthly Saturday sessions are not for new beginners.

Intermediate Level 3 (Thursdays 8pm, Sunday Sessions)

This is for those who have done at least 2 years yoga (if from another system, students might like to try the Level 2 class first if they are not familiar with the Iyengar method) and are now ready to tackle more intermediate level poses. At this stage, inversions such as headstand, handstand and shoulder stand as well as basic pranayama will be taught and students should be practicing them regularly.

Pregnancy / Therapy Classes (Twice Monthly Saturdays & Mondays 2pm)

Pre-Natal: These classes are specifically for mums to be and new mums who need a fully rounded, supportive session tailored to their individual situation.  Therapy: The class is also suitable for those with illness and injury and a special program will be given according to the needs of the patient. The special classes take place monthly on Saturdays at 8.15am. Once you have your individual program, you can join any of the other weekly classes and modifications can be given.

Restorative Yoga (Monthly Fridays)

(For those attending classes at Level 2 and upwards. Not for new beginners.) These 2 hour sessions each month focus on supported poses (supported with props) and pranayama (breath work) to bring about a calming and rejuvenating effect on the nervous system, physical body and mind. Iyengar yoga is famous for restorative poses and after your session you will feel a very deep sense of relaxation. This class is not for new beginners but for anyone with at least 6 months practice or more.

Teachers/Trainees Class (Sunday Sessions)

These Sunday sessions are aimed at teachers, trainees and intermediate Level 3 students who have been practicing for at least 2 years. Teachers from all schools of yoga are welcome.

Private Tuition/ Bespoke Classes

On request yoga courses for individuals, couples or small groups who want to organise their own private yoga sessions at home. Also for specialist classes where perhaps group class situations are not feasible. Prices start at £45 for a one hour session. Schedule a Class

Corporate Tuition

On request for corporate events or ongoing in-house yoga for staff. Yoga in the workplace taken on a regular basis can greatly enhance the work-life balance and give participants a healthy and happy start to the day.

To book any group class or enquire about private or corporate tuition, please contact Rachel on [email protected] or call 07725120043.

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“Rachel is a fantastic teacher. She has a deep understanding of the Iyengar method and is very empathetic. A dedicated teacher. If you live within striking distance of her classes and therefore able to attend on a regular basis, then you are fortunate indeed.”

Not only for the young & flexible!

You do not have to be a particular age or level of flexibility to come to class. Being young and flexible is NOT a pre-requisite! Iyengar Yoga will slowly and safely improve your flexibility (which is important for joint mobility as well as heart and blood circulation) and change your posture for the better. It will also build strength, health and vitality where you need it most.

If on the other hand you are too flexible, the alignment-based yoga will help you to avoid injury and hyper-mobility so you can attain a stronger and more balanced body.

Men are as welcome as women. Many of Rachel’s clients are professional athletes or men who practice a lot of sports.  Yoga is non-competitive. Everyone is an individual in Rachel’s classes and you work according to your own capabilities. Yoga works not only on the physical body, but also on the mind and on personal development. In fact, health and wellness are considered a positive by-product of this ancient practice by many serious yogis, the main purpose of which being to still the mind.

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